Published on Jun 6, 2016

My story begins long before this You Tube video from Gary Vaynerchuk, but when I saw this video it really struck a chord.

Have you ever wondered or thought to yourself that you would like to start over?  A Mulligan or a do over?  If you are approaching 50 you might be thinking, “you’re too young to retire and too old to start over.”

In November 2014, that is exactly what happened to me.  As a successful IT Contractor for the U.S. Government for over 20 years, my contract had ended, was not renewed, and a kindly Security Guard escorted me to the exit.  Suddenly, Michael Ray Chávez became acquainted with an unfamiliar queue, the unemployment line. Has that ever happened to you?

It was truly a turbulent time.  That same year my Dad had passed away and my oldest daughter was graduating from high school, soon to be going to college.  No time is a good time to be unemployed and to be unemployed in a tight IT market was even worse.  Skills, experience and contacts overseas lead me to look there for employment.  A couple stints in the sandbox in 2004 and 2006 prepared me for time over there again.  The trouble was, in order to contract for the US DoD overseas you must pass a medical physical.

That was when it was discovered that there was another major problem on top of being unemployed.  My health was in serious jeopardy.  Although aware of my diabetes, it was far from under control and the rest of the blood work was not much better.  Topping the scale at 258 lbs., 5’5″, and in my late 40’s, my prognosis was not looking good at this rate.

It was time to take control of my health too.  Faced with two drastic changes there were only two courses of action.  Join a gym and find work.  Joining a gym was a little easier but soon gainful employment was right around the corner.  There was a huge cut in pay though and it was already hard playing catch up with all the bills pilling up on the table top.  (More about that later)

That was when it became painfully evident that working 40 hours a week for 40 years to retire at 40 percent of my income was not the way I wanted to continue.  Since I was already in my late forties the prospect of another 40 years was totally irrational.

One day during my job hunt at the local library, a book off the return cart entitled, “The Four Year Career” by Richard Brook caught my eye. That book taught me the line above and opened my eyes to the possibilities of starting over (at any age).  Can you imagine an industry that is the Great Equalizer!  No age, race, income level or status discrimination!  No experience required, no college degree required, no resume required!  The only requirement is a burning desire and to take massive action!  The other great thing that this is an industry/business that doesn’t require thousands or even hundred of thousands of investment.

In August 2015, literally a week after I read that book, fortune came my way and my neighbor introduced me to this remarkable industry.  It’s funny how God works, can believe that He truly has a plan for everyone?  Today surrounded by six and even seven figure earners in this industry starting over as an entrepreneur has changed my life forever.  Inspired by the real life stories of people just like you that have risen from the ashes of personal bankruptcy, financial ruin or a long life in the 40/40/40 club.  Introduced to more great books like “Go Pro” by Eric Worre, “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill and “How to Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie and being mentored by many Top Earners, my life and my families life will never be the same.

Now after nearly fifty years of life, I have found my passion, helping others.  Helping others understand this industry and create an income part time making your full time jobs income less dependent or less catastrophic if you were to lose it.  Starting over at any age is a challenge and now starting over at nearly fifty is not so scary any more. Here’s to the next 50 years, Gary I think you’re right. Salud!

BTW the picture of the kids above is me and my siblings, nothing to do with my Network Marketing story just a really cool pic.  Love you guys.  Miss you too.